My Experiences

Here are a few volunteer positions, service learning experiences and internships I’ve been a part of


Nemours Children’s Hosiptal

I held an academic internship at Nemours Children’s Hospital in the Fall of 2012 where I was an assistant to the Director of Community Engagement. Our main objective was preparing for Grand Opening Week at the Hospital. Leading up to GOW, I organized projects in the office by designating interns’ responsibilities, deadlines and goals. I continue working with the Nemours Foundation fundraisers, golf tournaments and additional events.

Title: Public Relations Department – Assistant to Director of Community Engagement

Date Active: Fall 2012

Supervisor: Karen Bower


Orange You Glad Music Festival

Title: Volunteer Coordinator

Date Active: 2012

Supervisor: Tierney Tough


Enzian Theater presents the Florida Film Festival

Title: Film Festival volunteer

Date Active: 2011 & 2012

Supervisor: Joshua Martin

apgd tag

Audubon Park Garden District

Title: Community board and Event Support

Date Active: Fall 2012

Supervisor: Jennifer Marvel


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